ZABEEL - is awarded as “Middle East TOP Performing Authorized Training Center (ATC)- 2013" by IATA

The airline industry is exciting and fast growing as more and more people travel each year. There are many different aspects of Airline Services ranging from Cabin Crew to Customer Service Agents. There are also many career progression options such as Customer Service Executive or Reservation Staff or even Cabin Crew.

Zabeel, being an IATA Authorized training centre,  offers many airline courses, so if you want a recognized qualification in airline services, you’ve come to the right place!  The sky really is the limit with our airline and airport learning courses.

Place yourself ahead of the competition, by enrolling on one of our internationally recognized Travel Industry Training Courses.

If you are serious about obtaining employment within the Travel Industry or if you are already working within the Industry and are keen to upgrade your Curriculum Vitae, then we can offer you training that benefits you and the employer.

All courses on offer are 100% job focused and are designed to make you more employable - placing you ahead of the competition!

Who is the beneficiary?

Are you interested in working with International Airlines?
Being a part of Leading Travel Agencies?
Or Serving passengers at the Airport?

If yes, your search for excellence in Online Airline Reservations & Ticketing ends here..

At Zabeel, students gain expertise knowledge and skills which can further help them enhance their career options by getting into International Airlines, Airports and Travel Agencies. Students have an advantage over unskilled candidates while applying for jobs
Course Coverage

Airline, Travel & Tourism Industry

P 1  

Airline Travel & Tourism Diploma

P 2

IATA / UFTAA Foundation

P 3

Airport Operations

P 4

Cabin Crew Training

P 5

Airline Customer Service

P 6

Passenger Ground Services

P 7

Travel Consultant Diploma

P 8

Airline Marketing

P 9

Airline Revenue Management
P 10 Managing the Travel Business
P 11 Air Transport Fundamentals
P 12 Airline Finance & Accounts
P 13 DGR

P 14

GDS Fares & Ticketing

Don't forget Zabeel’s unique Placement Service

We offer unique job placement assistance for all our students. Zabeel achieves one of the highest placement rates annually. This outstanding rate is possible because of our extensive contacts in the industry and the dedication of our Careers Advisors. Access to job placement assistance is available to Zabeel students for a lifetime - a unique service unmatched by other institutes. Our students are part of a vast network of industry professionals who contact Zabeel to recruit new employees     

Zabeel Students Success in Employment

More than 3,000 students have completed from Zabeel during the past 1 year! The majority are now working in the industry, both in UAE and overseas. Many are moving up the ladder of success towards their career goals having been promoted to senior positions. You'll see that Zabeel graduates are in continued demand by industry employers!


“I always wanted to work in the Travel and Tourism industry. I really like meeting new people, and I wanted to travel and be involved in helping people travel. After studying travel and tourism at school and the next step was to get some tertiary qualifications. I chose Zabeel and it was definitely the best choice for me.”
Julius Patricova
“Gaining computer skills has helped me so much in my job as I use the computer every day. The extra things that I learnt at Zabeel, such as the importance of the personal presentation and how important it is when you are working in the industry, has made the transition into work easier. Role-plays involving phone conversations helped so much as I am on the phone all the time at work.” 
Rachel Fernandes
“I am really excited by what I am doing already in the industry. I am learning so much about the attractions/activities and hotels all over the world. The people I work with are great and lots of them are past Zabeel graduates! It is great to be using what I studied already and I am looking forward to my future in the travel and tourism Industry.”
Anitha P
“I wanted a front-line people career, and travel and tourism offers so many different job opportunities I also loved the idea of travelling while working so I decided this was the industry for me! The IATA general knowledge studies has been invaluable as I can plan itineraries, know IATA codes and systems—all vital in my job!  Thanks to Zabeel.”
“The support Zabeel provided during my courses, and then helping me into a job was fantastic. Learning the phonetic alphabet, three letter codes, computer reservations and how to deal with different types of people has made settling into my new job so much easier!”
John Peter Abraham
“Learning about the different aspects of the travel and tourism industry along with the technical subjects has made my transition into the real world a lot easier! I worked hard while I was at Zabeel and got involved in every opportunity that Zabeel gave me. This has really paid off and now I have my ‘foot in the door’. I really am loving it!”
Uzma A Rahman

“The Zabeel course helped prepare me for the industry in so many ways. The Galileo and computer training I gained at Zabeel is something I use every day in my job. The customer handling role plays have been very useful, as I know how to deal with all sorts of clients. Three letter airport codes are also a vital part of my job and it made it so much easier knowing them before I started here at Emirates!”  

Samira Ummer